Short Research Stays Grants (SRS)

Definitions and objectives

The Plant B+B intends to connect research groups within the network that are working on complementary research projects or that intend to establish mid-to-long-term collaborations, in the fields of plant biotechnology or breeding. The Short Research Stays (SRS) program’s objective is to promote the mobility and exchange of early-career scientists, including PhD students, between partners across continents and institutions. The expected outcomes of the ‘Short Research Stays’ Program are:

  1. Strengthening scientific connections among Plant B+B partners.
  2. Valorisation of existing research collaborations.
  3. Expansion of existing lines of research.
  4. Build the capacity of the early-career scientists under the SRS program.
  5. Development of new joint research projects and capacity building activities (joint MSc and PhD mentoring).


Every year, the Plant B+B will award five grants of 2,500€/ awardee for short research stays. The grant can be utilised to cover costs related to travel, housing, visa, insurance.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant and the host institution
    The grants will be allocated after a competitive procedure and are accessible to members of the PlantB+B network only
  • PhD students must be registered in a Doctoral program and undertaking their PhD research when the mobility program will take place.
  • Both the applicant and the receiving institution should be affiliated as a partner institute of the Plant B+B network at the time of application.
  • The candidates shall not be in the country of the host institution before the start of the SRS. Exceptions may be applied in exceptional cases.
  • Recipients of a Plant B+B Short Research Stays Grant are not eligible to submit a second application, as the grant can be awarded only once.
  • The hosting institution should support each application.
  • Awardees are expected to be present at the institute, to take part in its scientific activities and to contribute to its intellectual community. – Women are highly encouraged to apply.

Thematic area
The proposed research activities should aim at:

  • Enhance the technical and scientific capacity of the grants’ awardees and their hosting teams.
  • Promote new scientific approaches and technologies’ development.
  • Start, improve, or expand collaboration among partners on a field of expertise relevant to the Plant B+B network.

Furthermore, the research activities should lead to one of the targeted outputs:

  • Scientific article or research paper.
  • Transfer of technology to the applicant’s host institution.

Implementation period
The SRS grant can commence until 15thDecember of the calendar year when the application was successfully selected. The SRS shall last for a minimum of 1 month. No budget transfers will be possible for the next year.

Application procedure

Applications must be submitted in English with the following supporting documents:

  • Application form (imposed format forms) available on the Plant B+B website
  • A 2-page curriculum vitae (CV).
  • A support letter from the applicant’s supervisor.
  • A letter of acceptance from the hosting institution.

Applications must be submitted electronically to (please use a pdf converted from the Word document and not a scanned pdf). The document must be named as follows: “Applicant’s last name_SRS_PlantBB_application”. Send the application form and annexes as separate PDF files.


Selection commission
The Plant B+B steering committee will evaluate applications
Selection criteria
The selection will be made on the following criteria

  • The qualifications of the applicant for the SRS Grant.
  • The overall scientific quality of the intended research and the relevance to the Plant B+B.
  • The justification and feasibility of the research plan.
  • Proposals that complement matching funds to maximise the research outcomes or extend the duration of the research period of the SRS will be prioritised.

Selection outcome
Applicants will receive an e-mail with the selection outcome 15 working days after every call’s deadline of every year with feedback on their application. The final list of the selected candidates will be made available at Plant B+B website upon written communication.

Reporting and acknowledgement guidelines

A report of activities must be provided one month after completion of the short research stay. Reports must be presented on the required forms, which will be available on the Plant B+B website. The reports must be sent electronically to

Whenever the SRS activities contribute to a publication such as a brief, flyer, policy brief, poster, report, working paper or workshop report, the official acknowledgement should be provided in writing on the publication as follows: ‘This (research, activity, workshop, report) was undertaken as part of, and funded by, the Plant Biotechnology and Breeding (Plant B+B) International Thematic Network and supported by Ghent University’.

SRS application form 2021

Application Form for Plant B+B Short Research Stays (SRS) Grant

Guidelines for Funding Opportunities 2021

The collaboration fostered under the Plant Biotechnology and Breeding (Plant B+B) International Thematic Network (ITN) shall open a new window to connect academic programs, researchers, and institutions worldwide.

Call opening
Every year on the 10th January.
Application deadline
Every year on the 10th February (17:00 CET).

Disclaimer: All these guidelines were issued in January 2021 and are valid for the applications submitted during this year. Guidelines will be reviewed annually and may be adjusted in the following years.