Science on the Road Grants (SoR)

Definitions and objectives

The Plant B+B project intends to support the network to communicate and disseminate their work in plant biotechnology and breeding, among the general public in their own countries or internationally. These grants aim to create awareness and raise interest in the last scientific advances in the fields of breeding and biotechnology and their impact on our society. The activities can occur in diverse scenarios and contexts (e.g. exhibition, science contest, school, theatre). Physical and virtual/online events are both eligible under this call.


The Plant B+B network offers six grants every year of 350 Euros/each to cover our partners’ dissemination activities that aim to open their institutions to the general public in non-scientific set-ups.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant and the host institution
The applicant is affiliated to a partner institution of the Plant B+B network at the time of application.

Implementation period
The recipients must spend the grant before the end of the year in which it was awarded, until 31st December. The unspent budgets cannot be transferred to subsequent years.

Eligibility: thematic area
The science on the road event should aim to communicate concepts and scientific discoveries in the fields of plant biotechnology and breeding to non-scientific audiences while increasing the applicant’s visibility and institution.

Application Procedures

Applications must be submitted in English and consist of an application form (imposed format forms)
available at
Applications must be submitted electronically to (please use a pdf converted from the
Word document and not a scanned pdf). The electronic document should be named as follows: “Applicant’s
last name_SoR_PlantBB_application”. Send the application form and annexes as separate PDF files.


Selection commission
The Plant B+B steering committee will evaluate applications.
Selection criteria
The selection will be made on the following criteria

  • The motivation of the applicant.
  • The relevance of the proposed topic to the Plant B+B dissemination outputs.
  • The originality of the idea and the creativity in communication channels will be highly valued.
  • The intended targeted audience; activities targeting boys and girls of primary and secondary schools, smallholder farmers and policymakers are highly encouraged.
  • Events that aim to target a wider audience (e.g. online events) or promote ‘hands-on- training’ with practical and participatory activities will be prioritised.
  • Events that promote gender equity and foster the participation of most vulnerable groups will be prioritised.

Selection outcome
Applicants will receive an e-mail with the selection outcome 15 working days after the call’s deadline of every year with feedback on their application. The final list of the selected candidates will be made available at Plant B+B website upon written communication.

Reporting and acknowledgement guidelines

Selected applicants must acknowledge the Plant B+B network’s support in their presentations and any
dissemination material (e.g. flyers, posters, manuals) using the official logo of the project, that is available on the Plant B+B website. For Twitter posts, the acknowledgement should be provided to the @plantb+b_IPBO and on LinkedIn through the #VIB-IPBO.

A report of activities must be provided, latest, two weeks after completion of training/conference. Reports must be presented on the required forms, which will be available on the Plant B+B website. Awardees will complete a survey questionnaire to determine the impact of the intervention.

SoR application 2021

Application form for Plant B+B “Science on the Road” (SoR) Grant

Guidelines for Funding Opportunities 2021

The collaboration fostered under the Plant Biotechnology and Breeding (Plant B+B) International Thematic Network (ITN) shall open a new window to connect academic programs, researchers, and institutions worldwide.

Call openings
Every year on the 10th January

Application deadlines
Every year on 28th February (17:00 CET)